John Wassmer Construction understands how important time, reputation, and experience are in providing quality construction. That's why people have been coming to us for their construction needs for over 30 years. Our company continues to produce quality commercial and residential foundations, retaining walls, high walls, and more. We are proud to serve Oregon and Washington residence. 


What makes a home's foundation stand the test of time? An understanding of soil, climate conditions, the right materials -- combined with a solid work ethic. Knowing how to build the right foundation for the home and the soil it is built on makes John Wassmer Construction the leader in construction of foundations.


Whether you are looking to prevent soil erosion or want to add a new ascent piece to your lavish landscape our company understands that fundamental procedures and the necessary steps towards creating your vision. We take pride in our work, the staff at John Wassmer Construction, Inc. build with your needs in mind. 

A Great Experience

"Before we could begin constructing our home we searched endlessly for the right company to lay the foundation within our timeframe. John Wassemer Construction was able to complete the job ahead of schedule. We are so thankful to the hard work and determination they demonstrated throughout the project."   - Anna from Oregon

"My wife and I have had several projects done by John Wassmer Construction starting with our retaining wall, which wraps around the grass perimeter of our house. Oddly enough this has now become a focal point in our landscape design." -Nicolas from Oregon

"Our company had been growing for several years and finally got to the point where we could build and established facility to call our own. We heard of John Wassmer Construction along with his family crew and the amazing work they do. Within a day of sending our project proposal, they quickly responded with a quote and began work within a couple of weeks. Needless to say we have a solid warehouse thanks to John Wassmer Construction. " -Flynn Warehouse Inc. Washington

We take pride in our work at John Wassmer Construction.