Our company stands behind three key principles that focus on our customers, affordable construction, time management, and quality. When it comes to building a concrete foundation on commercial property,  John Wassmer Construction  and staff stand behind our reputable knowledge and determination towards customer service. 

When you build with John Wassmer Construction ...

  • Building Inspectors: because we've been in the industry for over 30 years we've grown our reputation among the inspectors in our area. Often times we'll receive comments such as, "We know if John Wassmer Construction crew has done the job, we know it's been done right."
  • Contractors: similar to inspectors we've also continued business relationships with some of the finest contractors in Oregon and Washington. Our company has been trusted with your site, which is why we clean each establishment; no debris or trash left behind. 
  • Property Owners: we have one of the best construction crews on the west coast, all of which are extremely educated in the industry. Our amazing staff has a reputation for being respectful with property and material items on the job site.

Affordable Construction. Time Management. Quality Reassurance.