Are you looking for a solid, well-built home by  John Wassmer Cosntruction ? Lets get started. House foundations are an excellent indicator of how resistant a house is and the amount of work and quality invested in the construction. Foundations must support a considerable weight, while offering a flat and leveled base for the rest of the construction.

Foundation options for your home.

  • Primary Foundation : poured concrete will be placed in a mold that we build onsite laid out by a team of contractors and engineers.
  • Building regulations in your area will surely help your team of contractors to decide on the type of house foundation that can support your specific house design. The engineer can inspect the house site and approve the foundation that has been laid.

The Nitty-Gritty of Foundation 

Crawl Space (Pier and Beam)

A foundation that supports floors and load-bearing walls. Such houses include post-and-pier supports under a beam that runs under a load-bearing wall along the middle of the house. Before laying the house foundations, consult the electrician and the plumber so you can proceed with the excavation for those connections done at the same time as the excavation for the house foundation.  If the soil is unstable, you need to get a mixture of good sand, pit run and drain rock. Make sure the soil is compacted and leveled before the foundation is laid.


If your contractor has laid out plans for a basement you're in luck this will certainly give your extra storage space or can be used as an extra room. You need to make a hole about 8-9 feet deep, with a concrete slab at the bottom. The exterior walls of the basement can be formed by concrete blocks and reinforcement structures. We've had several customers express their overall happiness with the foundation structure they've chose just for the simple fact of additional space, which some have converted into a play room for their children, man cave for the husband, or even an in home movie theater for the family. 

Additional Information: We strongly recommend hiring a civil engineer or an architect to plan in detail the construction of the house starting with the foundations. If the foundation is not properly installed/poured, the house will not be safe and can become unstable. With  John Wassmer Construction  we will work with your contractors to build you a solid foundation that will last a life time.