Retaining walls are a great way to prevent soil from eroding and to enhance the visual beauty of a landscaped area.  John Wassmer Construction  offers customers to express their vision and ideas and get expert advise from our landscape artist. Whether your needs are commercial or private residential, we would love to share more of our knowledge with you. 

Integrity of Retaining Walls

This type of wall relies on gravity to work. The weight of the wall itself helps keep it securely in place. Also, the weight of the soil it is holding back is taken into consideration for design.Some walls are anchored, in that a cable is attached to the wall, then extended into the soil it is holding. This helps prevent cracks or even failure of the wall during erosion or ground movement.

While there are many types of walls to choose from,  a concrete wall is often the best because...

  • The easiest to build in most landscaped areas
  • Often an economical choice

The Popularity of a Retaining Walls

Aesthetic Beauty 

The beauty of landscaping is always enhanced by a wall that is built into the design of the scenery. Somehow, we are naturally attracted to landscaping that resembles the natural beauty of the great outdoors. People are instinctively attracted to landscape designs that have a variety of shapes that complement each other.

As such, a concrete wall can give a greater appearance of depth to a garden by the way foliage in front of the wall is contrasted by tress or larger foliage visible behind the wall. Also, if the wall is part of the base of a slope, it lends the appearance of strength while at the same time providing a dividing point in the landscaped scene.

Reliability and Essential Structuring

Many homes and businesses are built on less than ideal plots of land. There may be need of a parking lot, a swimming pool, or patio which requires flat ground, yet the construction is taking place on sloping ground.

In this case, a wall is used to hold back land that exists there naturally, or soil that was moved there during construction of a flat area. Thus a wall can be both an aesthetic part of the landscaping as well as an important necessity in protecting against natural erosion.

Practicality and Enhancing Your Retaining Wall

Although some walls are built strictly for the purpose of containing something, or keeping something out, at John Wassmer Construction , we keep in mind that our customers may have to "look" at the wall every day. Of course, it would be easy to slap together some cement and call it good. But because, for nearly thirty years, we have taken pride in our work, the staff at John Wassmer Construction, Inc. build with  all  your needs in mind -- visual, as well as practical.